How to make Online Rental Agreement in Noida?

The humongous measure of office visits, hold up time, superfluous postponements and obviously, complexities make any lawful documentation method an articulate bad dream. Setting up a home tenant contract is the same. 

A run of the mill house tenant contract arrangement cycle expects you to follow certain stringent systems. You have to employ a legal counselor, secure a legitimate bond paper, choose the terms and conditions, have the last word with the inhabitant and that being said trust that hours or days will fix a meeting with the legal official promoter. Why? Without his/her mark and seal, your report holds no worth. 

Visiting the recorder office on a weekday is impossible. After unending desk work sessions during a property deal, that you as the mortgage holder more likely than not experienced, there’s another round of the equivalent getting your Rent Agreement Registration.

Here are the steps you can follow to get the Rental Agreement in Noida.

Step No.1: Fill Owner/ Lessor/ Landlord Details

Open the website and fill the form’s required detail.

Owner Name

Care of

Father/Husband Name

Owner’s Address With Pincode

Step No.2: Renter/ Lesser/ Tenant Details

Give the required details like

Tenant Name

Father/Husband Name

Renter’s Permanent Address

Step No.3: Mention Other Clauses of Agreement

Select Agreement Date

Monthly Rent

Address Of Rented Property

Advance Amount Paid


Other Clauses or Changes

Property Details/ Fixtures

Step No.4: Do Final Submit

Save the filled form and make the final submit. Upload the required document and pay online, after the final submit be relaxed and open the door for your delivery.

Get Free Delivery in your local cities. Apply the code while filling the form, or mention
the same to our customer support
Uraan Rental Agreement And Notary Associate – For More 
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